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Kapsner named Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master

This fall, Art Renewal Center announced Charles Kapsner as a new ARC Associate Living Master™ . ARC was founded in 1999 for the advancement of skill-based training in the visual arts. ARC Affiliation falls under three separate categories which are decided by at least four members of the board of judges. ARC, having become the center for artists, collectors, and scholars, is the defining force for Contemporary Realism and excellence.

As an Associate Living Master, Kapsner has dedicated himself to becoming a realist artist with the wish to express our shared humanity through the visual arts. In addition, Kapsner has shown significant skill in all of the basic building blocks of great art: accurate drawing, compositional sensibilities, effective use of lighting, the technical ability to use modeling, glazing /scumbling, perspective, tone, hue and successful emotional expression.

For more about ARC, this distinction, and more of Kapsner’s other art works, click Charles Kapsner.

Air Force painting update

The Air Force painting is reflecting some serious paint. The images here are of the painting’s status and a detail of the astronaut, and the very detailed charcoal and white chalk drawing of the astronaut. While not every drawing is so detailed, this one reflects a very completed work, and clearly captures Kapsner’s passion for, and skill when it comes to drawing.