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“Generally Speaking”

During the fall season, two models of note have taken time to pose, including the first woman to be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in the Minnesota Air Guard, which is part of the Minnesota National Guard, Brigadier General Sandra “Sandy” Best.

Another notable model is Air Force Brigadier General David Hamlar, Jr., the first African American to achieve one-star rank in the Minnesota Air National Guard. These remarkable people, whose schedules are beyond busy, visited the studio on multiple occasions to pose.

B.G Best, wearing her dress blues, represents women of significant achievement in the military.  B.G. Hamlar is shown in the para rescue scene as a medic–a role familiar to him from his deployments around the globe.

The images below showcase snapshots from their sessions:




The astronaut image, reflected on the upper right, was an effort in an extremely complete drawing, as shown here in various stages:


The Air Force painting takes major shape as of mid-October, 2018.